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There are various lawn types

Find out which one would be best suited to your garden and lifestyle.


Buffalo is a well known indigenous grass type in South Africa. It has a broad, hard, dark green leaf and is known as a water wise type of lawn. The fact that it is also traffic and shade tolerant, makes it even more popular. This type of lawn is also low in maintenance as it is a very slow grower, which doesn’t require mowing as often as some other lawn types. The down side of that is that it gets overtaken by weeds easily, because the latter grow much faster and it also takes much longer to recover after it has been damaged by insects or diseases. Once established and healthy, this is a great type of lawn.

Cost Range: High


This is a soft, fine lawn with a deep green colour.  It requires regular watering and is a fast grower in perfect conditions. Cynodin can be mowed very short, which will give it a lovely, manicured look. This type of grass prefers sunny areas, but can grow in shady areas to some extent. With the correct care Cynodin can be a beautiful lawn.

Cost Range: Low


Kikuyu is the most common lawn type in South Africa. It requires full sun as it tends to struggle in shady and wet areas. Under those conditions, it is also quite susceptible to diseases, such as fungus. Kikuyu grows very fast and usually needs to be mowed at least once a week in summer time - less in winter. It has a beautiful, soft texture, which makes an outstanding lawn if it is cared for correctly. This grass, which ranges from a deep to light green colour, makes a great lawn for family homes, if it has all the right conditions, i.e. full sun, enough water etc.

Cost Range:  Low


LM/Berea is a beautiful lawn type that has a great reputation for growing in shaded areas, like under trees for instance, where most other lawn types won’t grow. It has a very soft blade, which feels great under foot. It is however not very suitable for high traffic areas. This grass must not be cut too short. It has a high disease and insect tolerance and grows like a creeper, which helps to fill in shaded areas if used in conjunction with other types of  lawn, like Kikuyu. LM/Berea is also a fast grower that slows down a bit in winter, but continues to grow slowly. The high cost of this lawn type makes it less ideal for the average household.

Cost Range: High


Easy Grow is a beautiful, soft green lawn type which is ideal for the SA climate as it handles both hot and dry, as well as cold and wet conditions beautifully. It can also be planted in full sun or shade, any time of the year. As a ‘self-healing’ lawn, it also deals well with traffic (kids, pets etc.) once it is established. It only comes in seed form, but germinates within 1-3 weeks and grows into a fully fledged lawn within 1-3 months. Easy Grow is also a great water saving lawn, so all in all a great and very cost-effective option. You can start from scratch and have us seed an entirely new lawn, which will typically cost you 40% less than your most cost-effective roll-on option or we can simply over seed areas that are struggling on your lawn. It blends very well with Kikuyu, so use it for those shady areas where your Kikuyu won’t grow. For more information about our DIY Easy Grown Lawn Seed - click here.

Cost Range: Low


Instead of doing roll on lawn or seeding, one can also opt for seedlings or plugs that can be planted in the desired areas. These plugs are available in seed trays and must be planted by hand, which is obviously a bit of a time consuming job. It is however a viable option, especially when it comes to the more expensive lawn types like Buffalo and LM/Berea. Take into account that this is a much slower process though and that it will take time before the seedlings will start growing into a fully fledged lawn.  

Cost Range: Low